The 10 Things to Bring On Your Unforgettable Hot Air Balloon Ride

You have decided to indulge yourself with a hot air balloon ride. Congratulations! You are in for a treat. 

A hot air balloon ride is undoubtedly an unrivalled escapist adventure and is surely a lifetime luxury experience. It is romantic and inspiring, out-of-the-ordinary refreshing. But before you set off – check you have done your part to make this adventure worth your time and money. 

You have come far for this ride, and your expectations are very high. Therefore, you want to read this list of ideas to consider and things to bring with you on your hot air balloon ride.


The sunrise viewed from the balloon is incomparable. Remember, though: this means that you set off on the trip long before sunrise. So, bring several layers of comfortable clothes. In the small hours of the morning, you appreciate something cozy, but you will be quite warm once you are in the basket and close to the gas burner. And you need to get in and out of the basket, don’t you? So please wear your flat shoes. No open toes allowed, of course. 


Remember, any meals included in your package come after the ride. So, make sure you are comfortable and bring some munchies or drinks if you feel you need them before you get in the basket. Bring some water for the experience, too. You will appreciate it when it gets warmer. 

A spare pair of eyes

You are going to see things from a different perspective. So, to help you do just that, bring a set of binoculars. You will be high in the sky, after all, and you may want to have a closer look at the wildlife below. 

Something to remember

As a rule, you will be offered photos by your hot air balloon company. But they will never be as good as your own, will they? Bring your camera to take pictures of the views of your choice. 

People skills

Travelling is about meeting and mingling with fellow travellers, and on this ride, you will have company as well. Be sure to bring your conversation skills: making new acquaintances may be the highlight of the trip.


High up in the sky you escape from the usual city noises, but you do get the gas burners, which tend to make a loud noise as you set off. If you feel you may be uncomfortable with this – bring earplugs, they are small and maybe welcome. 


The rides and landings are smooth and comfortable, and motion sickness is not usually involved. But if you are not good with heights – be brave and get a grip. It will soon be over.

Common sense

There is no wind up in the sky (you are riding the wind, remember?), but you are much closer to the sun than usual. So, bring sunscreen and a hat. 

Neat hairstyle

We all understand that the best pictures always involve you and your gorgeous hair loose. But bring a hairband or a scarf for when you are not taking photos. 

A constructive attitude

Most importantly, bring your patience and good humour. If you are going on a balloon ride to see the sunrise – you are in for an early start of the day. And you can’t pre-book the perfect weather either. You are paying quite a hefty price for a truly captivating experience. So make it the highlight of your day and take your time to enjoy every bit of it, from the balloon set up and to the ride home. 

A hot air balloon ride is very much about the journey, not the destination. It is about being above the earth and taking -literally – a different view. Hopefully, these tips will help you discover something new and make the most of your ride.