Are you planning to take a hot air balloon ride? So, what kind of day is better, and what should be the weather conditions? Do you need to think or act like a Meteorologists or weather forecaster? The simple answer is no because we are here to help you. We will tell you which kind of day is better for this mysterious ride. Here we go

Flying has been the dream of humankind since time immemorial. Be it ancient myth heroes or modern fiction characters, and the flight is fascinating and compelling to us all. How has not imagined themselves a superhero flying across the country faster than the wind? 

When you fly in your dreams – how do you do it? When you say flight – what do you picture? Probably, not a charter to the Bahamas… You show clear blue skies, the wind playing with your hair and caressing your face. You imagine rising high into the sky quietly and swiftly, watching the earth go smaller and new horizons opening in front of you. 

Your picture, in a way, a hot air balloon ride

We started this company to share this feeling of freedom that a hot air balloon gives. This is probably the only romantic way of travel left to us in the pragmatic world of low-cost airlines and long-haul transatlantic flights. When you are in a hot air balloon, you are not thinking of the place you left or the site you are going to. You are indeed here and now

We have started our company with some adept pilot and paragliding instructors who have substantial experience in this field. Most instructors have more than 1000 hours of knowledge like a hot air balloon pilot and not a single accident or injury to a passenger. Our team is a proud winner of multiple hot air ballooning competitions and a respected instructor. With Sky Drifters, you are in the hands of high-class professionals who are passionate about their job and in love with the sky. 

We launch from the foothills of Sierra Nevada, the most spectacular part of Northern California. During your ride, you enjoy the delightful sights of this practically untouched land. You may be fortunate to see various wildlife as we fly over the Deer Hills Creek Preserve. 

Make it special.

We are an essential member of the local community and can help you make this trip even more special. You choose to add a wine tasting experience in some of the well-established vineyards of the region. Or feel free to add a catered picnic. All is in your hands.

Safety always comes first, and we make sure that nothing clouds your special day. We use the best equipment that has been tried and tested, and make sure it is in mint condition. Our proven safety record is a sound proof of our professional attitude. Attention to detail is the key to our success. 

We are passionate about flying, and we want to transmit this passion to you. So we do our best to make your experience meet your expectations. Our hot air balloon rides can be customized to your tastes; you can make them private and exclusive or celebrate your special events with us. Please consult our service list for our special packages for proposals, weddings, celebrations, and private charters. 

Our team will be delighted if you choose to live this magical experience with us and fall in love with the sky like us!