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Who can go hot air ballooning?
Everyone aged 7 years or older  - but children do need to be accompanied by an adult  -  as long they are fit and healthy with no significant knee, hip or back problems, no recent surgeries or broken bones and are not currently pregnant, are able to fly. All passengers will be required to climb into the balloon basket using the foot holds cut in to the side of the basket, stand for one hour and, in the instance of a bumpy landing, absorb a small impact which is similar on your joints to that of jumping off a low chair.

When do you fly?
Ballon Safaris balloon flights are scheduled daily all year round. Our flights take place at sunrise as this is when the weather conditions are generally at their most stable, with light winds and cool, calm atmospheric conditions. These are the ideal conditions to ensure our flights are conducted in safe and enjoyable weather.

Are any times of year better than others for a balloon flight?

We schedule flights all year round, however the summer months generally provide the very best weather for ballooning with the majority of our flights proceeding in these months. August and September are traditionally quite windy and we often see a higher proportion of cancellations in these months.

Where do you fly from?
Balloon Safaris has more than a dozen launch sites in the lower Hunter Valley. As balloons float along on the breeze, the launch site we use on the day of your flight will depend on the wind direction and speed on the morning. Generally our flights fly over the winery districts of Pokolbin, Lovedale, Rothbury and Broke.

Where do the balloon flights go?
Hot Air Balloons float with the breeze and will move in the same direction as the air flow. As this airflow usually changes direction with altitude, your pilot can change the height of the balloon in order to steer. In general however, where we go on the morning of your flight is all dependent on the wind direction and speed on the morning.

Is hot air ballooning weather dependent?
Yes it is. We will only fly if it is safe to do so. Certain weather conditions such as rain or storms, strong winds or thick fog could make your balloon flight unpleasant or unsafe. For this reason we will not fly in these conditions. During the weather check phone call the evening prior to your flight, your pilot will advise if the forecast is suitable for your  flight to proceed.

What should I wear for my flight?
Clothing suitable for walking or hiking is recommended with enclosed, water proof shoes. We suggest you also bring a hat and sunglasses as well as your camera.

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